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Carlson Reveals Syria False Flag: Natural Gas at heart of Syria (more)

Wounded America: A Right Self-Image is important (more)


Canadian Trans Sues For Genitals Waxed; Wants Topless Kids Pool Party (more)

Kidnapped Girls, Leah Sharibu, NXIVM, Epstein, Boko Haram: Are kidnapped girls sold into sex slavery to migrants? (more)

German Run EU Possible Mandate Labeling of Jewish Made Products: Is Germany’s History Repeating Itself? (more)

Noor Salman Not Guilty: ‘Stupid’ plea worked (more)

Germany Suffering: muslim migrants, crime, Fatah (more)

Nike Kaepernick Campaign: Colleges dropping Nike (more)

Pakistan High Court: Ruling could increase persecution against Christians quickly (more)

Andrew McCabe Accused: Harassed woman, minority at FBI according to co-worker (more)

Muslim Parents: Doused young daughter in cooking oil and abused for refusing arranged marriage. (more)

Drug Culture: The gateway is open. (more)

Socialist Regime Destroys Christian Church: China (more)

Google Voice Assistant Alexa: Dumb on Jesus, knows cult gods well. (more)

Muslim Attack in Vermont: 73 year old woman injured (more)

Bolivia Outlaws Evangelism: Christian worship in question (more)

Jack Van Impe: Jesus’ Return Near; Fatah In Action (more)

Twitter: Censoring Conservatives on Platform (more)

North Little Rock, Arkansas: Police involved in shooting

Christian Persecution: Still prevalent world-wide (more)

World Watch List 2017: Christian Persecution Rampant (more)

Egyptian Christians Face Purge: muslims continue Fatah

Paris Riots & Violence: muslims continue usual onslaught

The Devastation Caused by Globalism: code talk used to cover it up. (more)

Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation Re-Opened: Clinton ‘inconvenienced’ (more)

Fox News Dumping Trump, Joining Progressive-Globalists: Megan Kelly, Newt Gingrich just the beginning (more).

Donna Brazile Confirmed Lying About Emails:Corruption like Wasserman continues (more)

Payoffs Revealed In Clinton Email Scandal: Corruption continues with Clinton, DNC (more)

Billy Graham’s Final Message Remembered: Christian giant gives final message of hope in Jesus Christ. (more)

Charlotte, NC Police Shooting:False Information Spurs Riots (more)

Second Presidential Debate Focus Group Poll: who won the debate? (more)

John Kerry Working Against Trump: conspiring to sway election outcome (more)

Muslim Terrorists Attack New York, New Jersey: Progressives mad at Trump (more)

Hillary Clinton Responds to NYC, NJ Bombings: blames Trump rhetoric. (more)

Obama’s Final Address For U.N. Condemns Patriotism & Nationalism:Globalist agenda outlined (more)

Black Trump Supporters Call For Unity: have been called racist Uncle Toms (more)

U.N. Video Promotes Islam; Hijab: women encouraged to cover-up in Europe (more)

CNN, Fox News Anchors Whine After Trump Press Conference: Trump puts end to ‘birther’ concerns (more)

Missing American – David Sneddon: believed kidnapped by North Korea, Clinton and State Dept Silent (more)

Tim Kaine Tied to Radical Muslim Brotherhood Front Group: is the DNC Inflitrated? (more)

Donald Trump Gaining Support Among African Americans, Latinos: Diddy Combs says Hillary taking votes for granted. (more)

Donald Trump Visits Mexico: Hillary Clinton slides in polls (more)

Trump’s Immigration Speech Wins Voters: Mexico’s President praises Trump (more)

Democrat VP Nominee Tim Kaine Avoids News Media (more)

Putin, Russia Concerned At Donald Trump’s Strength, America First (more)

Trump-Pence Help Louisiana Flood Victims: Obama and Clinton golf and tweet (more)

Dems/Progressives Cover For Clinton: Poll numbers slipping (more)

Evan McMullin – Non-Serious Candidate Planted by Establishment (more)

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Showing Signs of Strain (more)

DNC Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Admits Corruption (more)

Khizr Khan – Not as clean as portrayed by Clinton (more)

Polls Rigged In Favor of Clinton Against Trump: Fraud (more)

Election 2016 Poll Results(more)

Muslims Murder Priest in France (more)

German muslim Tries to Behead Surgeon (more)

Fixing the Economy: Trump vs Clinton (more)

DNC’s Wasserman Conspired Against Bernie Sanders (more)

Wasserman Out, Clinton Plays Victim, Sanders’ Supporters Should Hush (more)

Sanders Supporters Plan Exit From Democrat Party: Corruption Too Much (more)

Is Donald Trump a True Conservative? (more)

Michelle Obama Endorses Trump (more)

Ted Cruz Stabs Trump: Convention Speech Failure (more)

Dems Forsake LGBT for Party Politics (more)

Noor Salman-Gay Terrorist’s Wife Claims Retarded (more)

Kendal Unrah: Republican for Status Quo (more)

Muslims Kidnap Children: mother still searching (more)

Islamic Terrorists Attack In Tel Aviv (more)

Islamic Terrorist Strikes Orlando, FL Gay Nightclub (more)

Rioters Raid Trump Rallies: Democrats do not condemn (more)

Does Hillary Clinton Have Credibility Issues? (more)

Hillary Clinton Angry: says Trump unfit (more)

Trump Campaign Manager Cleared (more)

Mitt Romney’s Insider Ties Discussed (more)

Is the RNC Working Against Trump (more)

How the Republican Party is Killing Itself (more)

Is Ted Cruz a Trojan Horse? It is possible (more)

Republican Backroom Deals: Thwarting Trump underway (more)

Muslims Attack Christian Nursing Home: ISIS is suspected (more)

Christians Attacked in Pakistan on Easter: (more)

Trump Stands by Lewandowski:refutes battery claims (more)

Ted Cruz Flip-Flops: Adopts Trump’s ideas. (more)

Ted Cruz Attacks Trump’s Wife: Loses credibility (more)

Controversies of Ted Cruz: Can his campaign be saved? (more)

Donald Trump & Family Receive Threats: Are political insiders to blame? (more)

Muslims Threaten Catholics: Not just radicals anymore. (more)

Muslims Attack Brussels, Belgium: Trump speaks out (more)

Un-Merry Christmas as Muslim UN Workers Sabotage Refugees: islamic onslaught continues (more)

Daughter Beaten by muslim parents: Conversion to Christianity costs (more)

Infiltrating America? An analysis of current events. (more)

RNC Politicians Seek Millions: was Trump right that politicians are bought? (more)

The History of Islam: Brigitte Gabriel addresses concerns (more)

Christian Persecution Continues: UN Speech on massacre of Christians globally (more)

Donald Trump’s Momentum: Why he is popular with voters. (more)

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Immigration or Infiltration?(more)

Boots On The Ground: Iraq War 2, Syrian In Backdrop (more)

The Walking Dead Season 5: Huge hit for AMC (more)

Environmental Extremism Still Alive (more)

Ferguson On Fire: Grand Jury Decision Released (more)

IRS To Target Churches: another scandal for Obama admin (more)

The Effects of Islamic Infiltration: unverified info from the web (more)

Winter 2014-15 Outlook: welcome to decades past (more)

Pregnant Christian Sentenced To Death For Faith (more)

Pro-Life Stance Called Torture at UN (more)

Nintendo Pressed by Gay Community: homosexual gameplay asked for (more)

Harold Ramis Dies: 80’s legend leaves fans mourning. (more)

Christian Arrested In North Korea: Human rights violation (more)

Saeed Abedini Hospitalized: Will he receive necessary surgery? (more)

Social Security Cuts: Plight of the elderly (more)

Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton: Stumbling after bridge and Benghazi scandals (more)

Army Builds Replica U.S. City: is martial law in America’s future? (more)

Gun Control Enacted By EPA Extremists: (MORE)

Rebuilding and Restoring America: Steps for a prosperous future (more)

NSA, EPA Environmentally Unfriendly (more)

Phil Robertson Suspended From Duck Dynasty: Is his freedom of speech at risk? (more)

Greatest Threat To America: An analysis of cultural events. (more)

Hillary Clinton 2016: Many obstacles for a win (more)


Saeed Abedini Abandoned By Kerry & Obama – Family vows to fight on. (more)

Is Human Rights Dead In America? Where is the Left when people are imprisoned for religion? (more)


Back by demand is our annual Christmas page.


Mentally Ill Untreated, Obama Calls For Gun Control Still (more)

Embassy Security Funding Increased: After the Benghazi debacle more security added  (more)

Obama Negotiates With Iran: Blind eye turned to human rights violations there. Saeed Abedini (more)

Obama Presses Climate Change Agenda:Despite data showing global warming is not happening. (more)

DC Shooter Aaron Alexis Mentally Ill: Leftists still call for gun control despite data to contrary. (more)

Kenyan muslims Target Christians: Why is the U.S. government candy-coating islam? (more)

Can Muslims Assimilate Into Western Culture? An analysis of current events. (more)

9/11 In Remembrance: An Analysis Of Current Events (more)

Global Warming Proven Wrong: No warming since 1997 and 60% growth in arctic ice leave scientists scrambling. (more)

Dems & Repubs Vow Standoff Over Debt Limit: Repubs vow cuts to social security and Medicare. (more)

War With Syria Sought: Support drifting as Obama prepares for war. Is petroleum part of cause? (more)

John McCain, Lindsey Graham Push For War: Although Syria has backed down the two push for war (more)

Associated Press Phone Records Seized: DOJ must explain as scandal #4 for Obama admin erupts (more)

George Zimmerman Not Guilty: the system media and special interests found guilty (more)

Aftermath of the George Zimmerman Trial: Can America find common ground? (more)

IRS Targets Conservatives, Patriotic Groups: Can the Obama administration explain? (more)

Iranian Human Rights Violation: Christian pastor still in prison (more)

IRS Senior Officials Knew of Targeting: According to Inspector General report (more)

U.S. Army Labels Christians, Catholics Extremists: Is ethnic ‘Christian Cleansing’ beginning? (more)

Benghazi Cover-up Uncovered: Obama Admin Lied To Americans (more)

2 Scandals Down: Now third scandal may rock Obama Administration. (more)

Christians React To muslim Attacks: Pakistani muslims burn neighborhood. (more)

Gabby Giffords’ Shooting File Released: Mental health & drugs to blame (more)

Sandy Hook Information Released Shows Mental Health To Blame Again: healthcare for mentally ill in cross hairs (more)

Obama’s Second Term Plans: left wing extremists roll out plans. (more)

Hillary Clinton Testifies: still denies knowing why attacks occurred. (more)

Christian Pastor Arrested:Iranian muslims may kill him because of his faith. Pastor Saeed Abedini report (more)

2013 A New Year: An analysis of how the new year can affect you. (more)

Gun Control Debate Rages: Secular Humanism at heart of left. (more)


Chuck Hagel Frontrunner for Defense Secretary: will it be politics as usual? (more)

Police State & FEMA Camps: Is Global Governance Ahead? An analysis of current trends(more)

Newtown Elementary Shooting: activists politicizing horror (more)

Susan Rice Withdraws Bid: unable to overcome Benghazi cover-up(more)

Clinton Out, Kerry In: Finally calls for Christian Pastor’s Release (more)

NRA Responds to Criticism: No rhetoric but real solutions.(more)

School Facing Criticism For Christmas Play: Charlie Brown Christmas controversy (more)

Chronic Sinus & Ear Infections: are they signs of Primary Immunodeficiency (more)

Congressional Payoffs: common practice in Washington (more)

Election 2012 Update: Only One Candidate Giving Hope to Americans: current status of 2012 election (more)

91 Year Old Nazi Charged: Crimes date back to 1944(more)

Fiscal Cliff: Congress is playing with the future of American workers and elderly (more)

Cancer Treatment & Prevention: may be already in your home (more)

All News Channel - Barton Eckert and Stan Turner provided the best news on TV (more)

AMC's The Walking Dead: season 3 a winner too. (more)

Chronic Stomach Pain & Constipation: new illness can be the cause (more)

Winter 2012-13 Outlook: maybe time to get the old generator out (more)


Penn State Coach and Congress: both committing horrible acts (more)

Islamic Man Accused Of Killing Daughters: Honor killings condoned (more)

EU To Issue CO2 Certificates: is this a global marketing scheme? (more)

Casey Anthony: The system worked but the prosecution failed. (more)

Abortion On Republican Platform: is it genuine or just electioneering? (more)


Budget Crisis: Can cuts to the budget be made other than cutting medicare and social security? (more)

Legislation Prevents Water Additives: Arkansas legislator offers bill against mood alter drugs being added to water supply (more)

muslims Kill 17 in Bombing (more)

Sudan- South Secedes: Ending years of torture and murder by Sudanese muslims (more)

Murfreesboro Citizens Fight Mosque: County officials defend their position allowing the mosque (more)

Raising School Standards: is a lower reality choking education in America? (more)

Gun Ownership Rights Under Fire: left links all evil to the freedom to own firearms (more)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repealed: Senate tramples wishes of the public. (more)

Entergy Overcharging Customers: It has been found that the corporation is overcharging customers (more)

Congressional Child Nutrion Bill Passes: kids can no longer choose what snacks they want (more)

Leslie Nielson Passes Away At 84 (more)

Unemployed Americans and the Holidays: what are the hurting to do? (more)

Corporate Greed: Corporate ties seem to stagnate the Republican Party. (more)

Movies of the Century: thinking back to 'the good old days' is fun and maybe, just maybe we need to look back a little more. (more)

The Europeanization of America: IsAmerica being formed into the European mindset? (more)

Christians Attacked-38 Killed: Nigerian Christians murdered because of their faith (more)

Tax Debate: Working class Americans held hostage as congress discusses earmarks and more(more)

Republican, Tea Party Rake In Millions- policy sales going on now ! (more)

States Fight Back Against New Healthcare Rules: 20 states filed suit (more)

Deficit Commission: Raise Taxes & Raise Retirement Age: Republicans and Democrats ponder new bill (more)

Congress Spending Like Mad: Republicans and Democrats earmarking bills. (more)

Germans Stand Against Radical islam: Other Europeans leading global stand as well (more)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: congress is debating Don't Ask, Don't Tell instead of concentrating on the security of the nation (more)

Sweden Attacked: muslim suicide bomber. (more)

Tolerance: Intolerant people strive to remove Christ from Christmas (more)

Republican Convictions: is the light of the Republican party dimming? (more)

Man Evicted By County Government: He is living too simple, off the grid (more)

Snow Days Becoming Extinct: Ohio enacts e-days for students when snow stands in the way. (more)

TSA Pat-Down: A pat hand or not? (more)

muslim Attempts Attack In U.S.: In Portland a muslim attempted to bomb a crowd on November 26, 2010, a day after thanksgiving (more)

Healthcare Getting Sick: changes to the healthcare system in America growing worse. (more)

Wailin' Over Palin: is this the best there is to offer? (more)